For a transparent and long-term business relationship, you need to know about your business partners and customers. The process is called Know Your Customer or KYC as its commonly known in order not to become a victim of money laundering, identity fraud, terrorist financing activities and so on. The question today is, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could press a few keys and find out all there is to know about a registered entity? Now you can get all information like full legal name, registration number, address, date of incorporation, country of registration and much more about more than 100 million companies situated in all over the world.


Obtaining data on a registered entity has become easier than ever before with the help of few websites such as KYC Lookup. These online user friendly websites offer customers a hassle free procedure through their KYC search engine. Now all the data of any company that is located anywhere in the world are at your fingertips. Besides, the data that you find through in the search results are all up-to-date data as these are pulled directly from the current local registries. Therefore, there is no way the data can be distorted, false or out of date.

Search Method:

It is a simple search process where you have to put full company name or any part of the name or the unique company registration number on the search field. You can get every information you need at a single try. Most of these search engines are advanced enough that you will still get authentic information even if you do not know the full legal name. You have no need to know the local registry to find out about a local business situated in a remote city or the language in order to translate the website. Be it a small local business or a multinational company, if it is registered, most of these websites guarantees you all the legal information.

Information details:

The search result includes full company name, company registration number, present status, company type, incorporation date, jurisdiction, registered address, registry URL and publisher name. The key features of the database include entities’ online document and saved data, company overviews, official registers and much more.

There are a few online websites who actually offer this information for free. You do not have to go through any log in or registration procedure. You just have to open the site and you can search right away. You can also contact them if you face any trouble while using the website or mail them for any additional queries.

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