In recent years, we have seen a technology revolution within the banking industry with Fintech start-ups from around the world creating new products with the potential to dramatically transform the landscape of financial services.

At KYC Lookup, we fully understand we live in a time where Financial Institutions are spending thousands and in some cases millions in order to comply with tougher regulations related to Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer. Most notably we understand how tedious of a process looking for basic KYC documentation across multiple sources can be, from searching for the local company register to then searching for a regulator, exchange and subsequently looking for a LEI number. However, KYC doesn’t have to be tedious or a drag it can be performed in a more effective way without compromising the quality of the KYC file.

KYC Lookup was launched with one mission in mind “To create the first true entity search engine” but what exactly do we mean by this? What we mean is that we can help you reduce the time spent performing multiple searches across different sources or looking around in the public domain for the right website to obtain the information.

KYC Lookup performs the hard work of aggregating the data/sources required to simplify and streamline the KYC process, all the respective information is presented to the user in an easy to read format where you are then able to access the source at a click of a button. All our information comes from Primary sources so it fits within any internal AML Policy and Procedures.

By using KYC Lookup you can benefit from:

• Faster initiation of trading relationships for new clients.
• Improve customer experience by having fewer demands for documents and information from clients.
• Improve productivity by reducing the time spent browsing looking for basic information

Do you have a company or LEI to search?

Why not contact us and find out how we can help you or if you’re ready to perform a company lookup or LEI search click here.



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