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Deserv Consulting and KYC Lookup are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership to create a joint venture under the name KYC North Africa. KYC North Africa will combine Deservs local regulatory knowledge and management consulting experience with KYC Lookup’s complete range of AML/CFT training services.


Hertfordshire, United Kingdom,

KYC Lookup and Deserv Consulting announced today that the companies have entered a strategic partnership to create a joint venture under the name KYC North Africa. The new joint venture will bring Deservs consulting local track record and experience in Tunisia and expand it to neighbouring countries such as Algeria, Libya and Egypt and combine with KYC Lookup’s AML knowledge providing in person and on-demand AML/CFT training courses and services.

With stricter AML laws being implemented and pressure from regulators on sectors and industries outside financial services such as Accountancy and Legal sectors to do more to fight money laundering, it is clear to see the increase in demand for training and AML services in order to remain compliant with regulations. The KYC North Africa joint venture brings together finance and business development with innovative, on-demand AML services to support local clients stay up to date with their AML obligations.


Clients of KYC North Africa will be able to access the complete online training catalogue already available by KYC Lookup which will help course participants to keep up to date with the latest AML/CFT local regulations as well as enhance the knowledge of existing AML analysts to improve the customer experience they provide. “launching KYC North Africa alongside Deserv Consulting to deliver online and on demand AML/KYC training will allow us to continue to extend our international footprint into Tunisia and neighbouring North African countries”. “Working as one, we are excited to offer our online courses and support the KYC North Africa team wherever possible” – William Bolivar, KYC Lookup founder.


“We are excited to partner up with KYC Lookup, by partnering with KYC Lookup we will be able to offer Tunisia and neighbouring countries with online and on demand AML/KYC courses. It shows yet again our commitment to our clients to provide them with innovative and high-quality services.” – Issam Elkhorchani, Deserv Consulting founder.



Deserv Consulting is an independent corporate and compliance service provider located in Tunisia. Deserv specializes in rendering high-quality and tailor-made corporate and compliance services for clients in Aruba and abroad.

The firm was established in Tunisia in 2019 by its founder Issam Elkhorchani, who has over 15 years of experience in the corporate services and compliance industry.



Registered in the United kingdom and founded by William Bolivar, KYC Lookup provides specialist services to clients in the areas of Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer. As a truly global firm, we work with our clients and partners to align training strategies and operational processes within the ever-evolving AML regulatory environment.


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