Stock exchange is a huge investment platform where people invest on a particular company and in return share the profit or loss. In other words they become a ‘partner’ of the company for a limited period without taking any burden of the business headaches. However, the history of a stock data of a company can give you a clear information about the company’s current status which is far beyond the face value of the share.

So, what can we understand from a stock data? Well, there are several things that we may know and it may range from listing time of the company in the stock market to its condition in the current date. It also says a lot about the ups and downs of the company and so a better insight about the company’s phases of the company through minutely analysing the chart. Well, a declining graph doesn’t always mean a bad time; it can be an overall bad economical phase in the country, an dispute with a major shareholders, a production issue or even may be a change in the management team or something even serious.

In a nutshell, a company’s stock history tells a lot about the company and at KYCLookup we have experts to analyse these data and give you an easy-to-grab but valuable information about the company without forcing you to understanding the rocket science behind these colourful graphs.

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We collect the daily data of the graph of all the companies listed on the share market and through complex calculations we produce highly useful data that gives you a transparent report on any company listed in our website.

There are several websites that can provide you good data on how a company of a particular sector is performing and how it may go in the near future. But, we always believe in solid evidence which starts with the true performance of a company on the equity market and not on the volatile future market assumptions. And linking it perfectly with the company’s credibility eventually gives you a 360 degree view about the company’s backbone.

We at KYC Lookup we primarily rely upon the financial transactional history. But, in case where the companies are listed on share market, we utilise it with same value to gather important information about the company through investigating on its core status. So, if you haven’t yet visited our website to check the details of a company with which you are going to tie-up in a business relationship, you are definitely making a mistake.

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