About Us

KYC Lookup, based in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, is an independent provider of specialised Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) online training services. Our commitment to excellence extends globally, as we collaborate with clients to align training strategies and operational processes with the dynamic landscape of AML regulations.


With a legacy spanning over 15 years, KYC Lookup has witnessed the transformative evolution of the AML regulatory framework, not only in operational and technological aspects but also in the sophistication of training methods. Our founder, William Bolivar, who initiated his career as a KYC analyst, brings first-hand experience to our approach. We recognise the significance of offering training that goes beyond mere compliance, aiming to enhance knowledge and understanding rather than merely fulfilling regulatory checkboxes.


As of 2024, KYC Lookup proudly delivers fully accredited online training and boasts an extensive library of over 100 AML video tutorials covering diverse financial crime topics. Our unwavering focus remains on preserving the essence and quality of KYC processes, with a constant awareness of the critical objective—preventing Money Laundering.


KYC Lookup’s innovative interface ensures an engaging learning experience for course participants, facilitating a seamless journey through the educational materials. In essence, KYC Lookup is dedicated to assisting you in navigating the intricacies of KYC.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

KYC Lookup extends its specialised services to a diverse array of industries, ensuring comprehensive support for regulatory compliance and risk management.


Our offerings cater to Financial Institutions, Money Service Businesses, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, the Gaming and Gambling Industry, and Professional Service Providers, including Accountants, Legal firms and Real Estate entities. Additionally, we provide crucial assistance to Government Agencies and Non-profit Organisations, recognising the unique regulatory and compliance training requirements that each sector demands.


Our tailored solutions are designed to navigate the distinct challenges within these industries, promoting a robust and effective approach to Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance training.


User friendly company registry, LEI’s or stock exchange search functionality


Helping you or your team to enhance their AML/KYC Knowledge.


Short and straight to the point tutorials covering a range of AML related topics.