About Our Company


KYC Lookup is a entity search engine to help AML/KYC analysts of any level of experience to find basic information and documentation on Registered Legal entities and Funds from around the globe.

Years after having created a simple Excel database with hundreds of company registries links from around the globe, it was finally time to share with the rest of the KYC industry the hard work by setting up a one stop shop for most of the entity registries in the world, from Australia to the United Kingdom.
KYC Lookup is now a KYC search engine to help AML/KYC analysts of any level of experience to find basic information and documentation on Customers and Funds from around the globe. The idea of KYC Lookup is the result of having to carry out multiple searches, translate websites or having to request information from customers when in fact it was all available in the public domain.
Founded by a number of KYC analysts with a combined experience of over 30 years, KYC Lookup is the perfect tool for BAU, Periodic reviews and Remediations.
At KYC Lookup we are focused on maintaining the essence and quality of the KYC to be performed without losing sight of what’s at stake (Preventing Money Laundering). Its innovative easy to use interface allows analysts to cut the time searching for an entity leaving more time for other parts of the KYC/Onboarding process.

Powered by API technology KYC Lookup has access to over 110 jurisdictions from around the world with 100 million company details available for you.

Our simple yet effective approach of having most global registries under one single search is making  KYC Lookup one of the “go to sources” for Financial Institutions to obtain quick basic information on entities before requesting any further details from the customer.

We have also created our very own training videos/courses to help your workforce keep up to date with their AML/KYC skills. Topics vary from Introduction to KYC, Introduction to Anti-Money Laundering, What is Beneficial Ownership and many more. Course and training material can also be tailored for your needs with licencing options available.

Why Use KYC Lookup?

With one single search you have the capability at the tip of your fingers to have instant access to company information from around the world.

If improving your AML skills or training your team is a requirement then we have a range of courses to meet your needs and short comprehensive tutorials to stir you in the right direction.


User friendly company registry, LEI’s or stock exchange search functionality


Helping you or your team to enhance their AML/KYC Knowledge.


Short and straight to the point tutorials covering a range of AML related topics.

How it works

To look up the entity details of choice, simply search by company name (partial or full legal name) or by using its unique company registration number. The KYC Lookup API pulls all the relevant results for you to choose the correct entity, once in the entity profile you are able to see the full legal name, date of incorporation, registration number, address and a link to the actual publisher/local company registry in order for you to save in your KYC profile.