Standards of marketing – there is a large part of them. Yet, there is one, which is most likely much more important than the rest and it is “Know your user!”

If you are a business owner then you have to know the exact meaning of marketing. It does not just create a product and start branding it to make it popular among the general people. Marketing is the management process in charge of recognizing, foreseeing and fulfilling user requirements productively. This definition itself is an incredible fact of the reality that it is so critical to know your user.

The significance of company and business entity search in UK is immense. Without knowing your user you won’t get too far nowadays in business and you will in all probability go down. What many individuals erroneously do is: they make a product or a service and after that go finding people to offer this product or service. A greatly improved way is asking what your users want and then make a product that will be in immediate demand.

It is important to understand and know your users on both, rational and irrational levels because each buy ever done has had components of both levels. So every time you are going to make another product or a service, always try to ask these two questions:

  • How will they feel about your new product or services?
  • What is their opinion about your new product or services?

The first question has components of the irrational level. Think of a product that you want to make. Try to picture it. Think it by what means will your users feel about it? Will they have a positive opinion about your product or a bad one?

The second question covers the rational level. Think if your user will have the capacity to understand your product. If you are building up another device, think if they will have the capacity to see how it functions.

Now you are one step closer to knowing your user, settle on whether you will speak to their rational side, or the irrational, which is also known as emotional side. A few people turn on their logic and set away from their feelings. Others, in actuality, settle on choices quickly, exclusively in view of the reality how the product makes them feel about themselves. Settle on a choice on which of the two methods you will use and stick to it in every one of your communications with your users.

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