Legal Identity Identifier, popularly known as LEI helps you to maintain your LEI records and request them in need. Not only that, through this system you can also view your LEI details or monitor your LEI status. You can even add the documentations to fulfil the annual renewal obligations. Besides, you get the benefit of LEI search through which you are able to avail the universal data of LEI where you can also download the LEI records pretty easily.

The LEI services you can avail:

There are a few LEI services that you get which include LEI records search, viewing LEI record details, entering LEI data, requesting for LEI number, paying and submitting request, bulk request information and challenging a record.

LEI records search:

Searching for LEI is a pretty easy process which can be handled by anyone. After you open the website page, you need to look for the search field, and there you need to enter part or full name of the entity and then search for the result. Then you will get the result with the name of the searched words. You will also get to see the relevant LEI on the display screen. Then you will have to click on the result you are looking for. There will be a request button on the page. You need to press it get the additional information.

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Viewing LEI record details:

You can either view the record by clicking on it or you can select the check box which is next to the record to open it. You also need to click the view option to get the record details on the screen. You can view it, challenge it or you can go for the renewal buttons. You can also save or print the LEI record details if you want.  You can save the records in text or PDF formats.

Requesting for LEI number:

Before you submit a request, you need to do thorough search just to make sure that the records you are looking for are not in the database. If the search result exists in the database it will automatically appear through the search. Otherwise you can submit 10 or more requests at a time. There is a feature called bulk request information where you can submit multiple requests at a time. You will get a form after that. You will have to complete all the mandatory fields before you can submit the form. Make sure that you have all the necessary information to submit the request. If you are a third party, you will have to submit an authorisation form.

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Entering LEI data:

This process is also pretty easy. You will get a form with two sections i.e. LEI entity data and LEI parent data. You need to complete all the fields before you submit the form. Make sure that you have all the information you need so that you can fill up the mandatory fields. Only then you will be able to submit the data.

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