Anti Money Laundering Online Courses

Anti Money Laundering Online Courses

Want to enhance your knowledge in anti-money laundering and Know Your Customer but don’t know where to start? Doing an AML/KYC online course is a great way to gain a better understanding of what the role involves as well as gain a certification to get you started on your career path.

What is AML and KYC?

AML stands for Anti Money Laundering and KYC is short for Know Your Customer. The roles of an AML and KYC Analyst is to tackle illegal money filtering through their relevant organization and to stop funds which may end up being used to conduct terrorist acts. Both, you would agree, is critical to protect the economy and society from these funds being used for illicit activities.

What AML/KYC online course is best?

The first thing you need to do is decide on is what field you would like to be trained in. Once decided there are many training platforms and institutions that will help you gain the knowledge and certification to help you start your journey or to stand out at your current position. Here we have a list of the best courses in AML and KYC.

Skillcast – Skillcast have over 20 years’ experience in working with companies to help raise compliance awareness. They have a variety of courses for you to choose from:

  • AML & CTF Compliance Training
  • Anti-money Laundering & CTF Training
  • Anti-Bribery Training
  • Business Ethics & Integrity



Each online course is broken down into sub-categories which makes is easier for the learner to digest and each course concludes with a summery and assessment to make sure you have understood the material presented.

KYC Lookup – At KYC Lookup, we have now launched our very own online AML and KYC courses for you to take a more in depth look at a variety of subjects. Choose anything from:

  • Source of Wealth and Source of Funds online course
  • Customer Risk Rating online course
  • Introduction to Anti Money Laundering online course
  • AML online training on Screening course
  • What is beneficial ownership online course
  • Know Your Customer online course
  • Virtual Currency Online course
  • Red Flags of money laundering online AML Training


Each AML, KYC online course was created with the learner in mind making them easy to follow which makes the learning process enjoyable and logical. With 15 years-experience in the industry and having the founder started as an KYC analyst himself, KYC Lookup understands what AML analysts want at the time of deciding the type of course to take making it easier for the you to gain the knowledge needed to further your qualifications and career. After each course the learner will receive a certification of completion, which can then be used as reference on the knowledge gained.

Course page:

Now let’s take a look at some of the bigger players in the AML/KYC training industry:

ACAMS – ACAMS which stands for Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists is an accredited and very well-known organization that provides training and certification, runs conferences, and disseminates information on detection and prevention of money laundering. They have a vast array of courses from:

  • AML CFT Training for Sales & Frontline Staff
  • AML CFT Training to Compliance & Finance Staff
  • AML Training for Auditors
  • AML General Awareness
  • AML Foundations Certificate
  • AML Foundations for Gaming



As you can see there are many courses that cover AML/CFT training and in specific areas of the business and all are recognised internationally and accredited.

ICA (International Compliance Association) – The ICA is also another good organization to be professionally trained and not only do they have courses from an entry level but also advanced training for anyone already in the AML/CFT role. You can choose from:

  • ICA Certificate in Anti Money Laundering at an Introductory level
  • Certification in Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism at an intermediate level
  • ICA Diploma in Financial Crime Compliance



What is also good about the ICA is that if you are unsure about what course is suited for you and at what level, you can fill in a short questionnaire and they will advice you on what course is more suited for your needs. Again, just like ACAMS, ICA is an accredited and recognised training organization.

But where to start when looking for an AML/KYC Online Course?

Where to start all depends on your level of experience and budget. If you are getting into AML/KYC for the first time, then a KYC Lookup online course is perfect for you as we have courses ranging from £40 all the way up to £125. If, however you have a number of years’ experience then we would suggest taking a course from ACAMS or ICA. These courses will be at a higher price point however they are there to take a more in depth look at the chosen subject.

As you can see, there is something for everyone whether its starting at an entry level online course or moving into another role in a similar field. Gaining more AML/KYC knowledge in your chosen industry can give you an advantage in better understanding your role and the processes involved.

In order to make a start on your AML, KYC Online course visit our full list of courses page

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