Who Needs Anti Money Laundering training?

Who Needs Anti Money Laundering training?

With the rise of online scams and the heightened attention of regulators around the world on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, it’s no surprise regulated industries are increasingly taking AML and KYC training more seriously. However, what does this training look like, and when should you consider taking this training?

What is AML and what does it cover?

Anti-Money Laundering refers to measures designed to prevent the illegal flow of money through an organisation. These measures include identifying unusual or suspicious transactions, identifying high-risk individuals and mitigating their risk, and enforcing sanctions against individuals or organisations that fail to comply with regulatory requirements.

Who needs anti-money laundering training?

Anti-money laundering training (AML) is a training process designed to educate businesses and individuals about anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) legislation applicable to companies. The purpose of anti-money laundering training is to prevent an activity which may be illegal or which assists others in committing a crime or conducting fraud, for example, identity theft and cyber-crimes. It is sometimes also known as Compliance Training or Know Your Customer (KYC) Training.

At KYC Lookup, the anti-money laundering courses are designed to help employees and organisations mitigate the risks posed by money laundering and terrorist financing activities. It also helps prevent tax evasion and facilitates financial crime detection.

This course is for all those interested in AML training or someone working as a project manager, consulting manager, system analyst and dealing with KYC projects. Anyone involved in managing risk with customer due diligence and compliance should find this course helpful.

Anti-money laundering courses

Now you know what AML is and why training is required, let’s look in more detail to how taking a KYC Lookup online training course in AML and KYC is not only going to enhance your knowledge but will also keep you regulatory compliant. Our AML KYC courses will cover a variety of topics.

Below we list some of the online courses available:

  • Introduction to Anti Money Laundering
  • Introduction To Know Your Customer
  • What are Red Flags and how to understand them
  • Source of Wealth and Source of Funds
  • Introduction to Screening

At KYC Lookup we cover many other topics and industries under AML supervision such as legal, accountants and the real estate sector.

To conclude, if you are in need of AML KYC training, KYC Lookup provides you with Anti Money Laundering (AML) or Know Your Customer (KYC) certification that helps you efficiently manage all your compliance requirements and standards with our e-learning courses.

If you are not tech savvy, then our in house support team are always at the ready to give you a helping hand with any enquiries you may have prior or at the time of taking one of our AML/KYC online courses.

Our AML and KYC online training courses can also be tailor made to suit your requirements in your jurisdiction so contact us today to learn more about how we can connect the dots in KYC and AML.

Please visit our courses page to find out more: https://www.kyclookup.com/courses/

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